The REDDOXX MailDepot is an e-mail archive system which allows you to manage your saved e-mails from a central point.
MailDepot 2.0 was introduced in 2010 with the release of REDDOXX firmware 2027, with capabilities and advantages much greater than those found in the previous MailDepot 1.0.
The features of both versions are compared here.

  • Multiple Storages (File Share, iSCSI)
  • Storage container as self-supporting archive
  • Offline access to the archive, also possible without the appliance (with the Offline Reader)
  • Structured archive through automatic categorization
  • E-Mail transaction history
  • Retention Control
  • Auditing capability through four-eye principle
  • Extensive Im- and Export capabilities
  • Fulfills all individual compliance requirements
  • Audit-proof compliance log

It is possible to purchase a Basic license for MailDepot 2.0 which has fewer functions than the Premium license.
The difference between the two licenses are shown in the following table:

GDPdU, GoBS, Basel II certified (TÜV)
Automatic, audit-proof, and non-tamperable Archiving system
Ability to redeliver accidentally or deliberately erased emails from the archive
Full text indexing including all text oriented attachments
Single Instancing storage
Exclusion of spam possible
Virus protection for all incoming and outgoing e-mails
Internal e-mail archiving via MailDepot connectors
Retroactive archiving of all available e-mails (PST/EML/MSG)
Microsoft Outlook integration
Access to mail archive via web browser or Windows GUI
Archiving of e-mails to  SMB/CIFS-Share, NAS, iSCSI, NFS, local Devices
Overlapping mailbox access (Deputy assignment)
Double storage encrypted and decrypted emails with MailSealer
Password encrypted e-mail (MailSealer Light)
Long-term access due to archiving in standard format
Saves previous searches
Able to search through all deputies
Self-supporting archive helps optimize storage demands
Offline availability
4-Eye principle, with flexible application
Archived e-mails automatically categorized
Outsourcing of archived e-mails in long-term containers
Adjustable retention times for categories and containers
Able to classify and separate private e-mails, includes a delete function
Categorie structures can be created by the administrator
Multiple Storage Devices
Dual Archives (up to 2 parallel container)
Multiple Archives (up to 32 parallel container) hierarchical storage Management possible