Mail Queues

The Out-Queue and In-Queue are the basic queues of the REDDOXX Appliance.

E-Mails received by the SMTP-Server of the REDDOXX Appliance that are delivered from extern or intern, are stored temporary in the SMTP In-Queue.
The E-mails are validated by the REDDOXX Appliance and depending on the result moved to the Waiting Queues Spam, CISS, Virus or SMTP Out-Queue.

All E-Mails that are to be sent via the SMTP-Client of the REDDOXX Appliance from extern or intern are stored in the SMTP Out-Queue.

In the POP3 In-Queue the POP3 E-Mails are stored for validation after they have been received and in the POP3 Out-Queue the E-Mails are stored until they are fetched by a POP3 Client.

E-Mails can be searched and deleted in the waiting queues.
The list provides an overview of the Queue ID, arrival time, sender and recipient as well as the size and result.
It is also possible to sort E-Mails depending on its characteristics (e.g. sorting all E-Mails ascending or descending by Arrival Time, by clicking the corresponding ArrivalTime tab).

Additionally, a delivery (try) can be performed in the SMTP Out-Queue via right click -> send.

It is highly recommended to configure fetching POP3 Clients to delete E-Mails from server, after they are fetched.
Otherwise the amount of POP3 Messages will grow in the POP3 Out-Queue and take unnecessary large amounts of disk space on the appliance over time.