Clear Whitelist

The Clear Whitelist Diagnose can be used to delete global and userbased address, subject and domain whitelist entries.

The following steps are required to delete entries from whitelists:

  1. Provide Patterns if specifiec entries have to be deleted
  2. Select if entries from Address Whitelist (Clear Addr. WL), Domain Whitelist (Clear Domain WL) or Subject Whitelist (Clear Subject WL) should be deleted
  3. Use the Scope option to define if all, global or userbased whitelists have to be processed
  4. Use the delete checkbox and confirm with start to delete the whitelists
    If the checkbox is not selected, the start button will show a preview of the amount of entries that would be deleted

Users that currently are logged in while the Diagnose is performed need to login again after the Diagnose has been completed.
They will see a "Not authenticated" message in the User Interface.