Updates are used to ensure, that the appliance is on the latest Software version.
As the software is frequently optimized, it is highly recommended to be on the latest software version.
Especially the Firmware Diagnose is useful to inform you about available updates and the current software version.

With the Firmware Diagnose, available Hotfixes can be checked and installed as well.

The following steps are required to request and install an update:

  1. Select "Updates" and choose the submenu "Request updates".
    If the appliance itself has no access to the internet, select "Download Update".
    After this step you can use "Upload update" to upload the downloaded update to your appliance.
  2. Read the release notes carefully, as all changes are descriped that will be done by the update.
  3. With "Install" the update will be installed, including a selftest on the beginning and end of the update.

The update will not be installed, if the initial selftest fails with an error.
The reported errors shown in the selftest must be fixed before the update can be made.

Please make sure, that your firewall, content filter or proxy does allow the download of .tgz and .rdxtgz files.
These files are needed for the appliance update process.