User Assigned Licenses

The diagnose "User Assigned Licenses" provides a licensing list for corresponding users.
The created output can either be shown directly, or sent as html file to the configured email recipient.

The following configuration steps are required to use the diagnose:

  1. Select the Check interval, this can be either now, daily, weekly or monthly and will be considered in the hourly selftest.
  2. Select the license type for the check
    The follwing options are available:
    • Unfilterted: All users for the license type are shown. X in the list marks users that have a license assigned.
    • Assigned: Only the users are shown that have a license for this license type assigned
    • Unassigned: Only the users are shown, that have not assigned a license for this license type
    • Hide: Hides this license type complete in the result
  3. Select if the delivery type should be show or email, depending on how you would like to receive the result.
  4. When using mail as delivery type, the email recipient needs to be provided
  5. Start the diagnose with start and select "enable selftest" when the diagnose should run in the configured check interval