Container Consistency

Diagnose "Container Consistency" checks, if the archive containers are available and consistent.
Testmethods are check, repair, remove write lock and the option "fix wrong parameter errors".

Check: checks the container for errors
Repair: repairs the contianer
Remove Write Lock: removes the write lock on the selected container.
A writelock can occur if a storage or network failure happened or in case of a cluster failover.
Then the container cannot be opened, and reports the error: "container is already in use" or "index is opened in written mode or wasn´t successfully closed".
Make sure that no other REDDOXX tool (like the MailDepot Importer) has opened this container in written mode before starting the write lock removal.
After the write lock is removed, the container can be opened again.
Fix wrong parameter errors: fixes issues with duplicates in the archive.