MailDepot Service

Diagnose "MailDepot Service" checks, if all maildepot related services are running and if for example all containers are successfully opened.

  • Error:
    If the Service reports a failure, wait another 5 minutes.
    After this period, all containers should be accessible.
    If the error remains, check if the connection to your storage was lost and try a reboot of your storage system.
    In rare occassions, the ram consumption of the maildepot service can grow large and result in a slower processing and archiving of mails.
    To solve this, it is possible to use the scheduled restart and set a time when the service will be automatically restarted by the appliance.

Especially for nfs shares, file locks should not be enabled.
This could prevent the appliance from remounting the storage after a Failure.
This is additionally explained in our FAQ section.