Filter Lists

Filter Lists are used to managed the Blacklist and Whitelist entries.

  • Filter lists can be configured global or user based
  • Global filter lists are configured by the administrator, user based filter lists are managed additionally by the user (if allowed)
  • Global filter have a higher priority than user based filter
  • Whitelist Filter consist of AWL (Address Whitelist), DWL (Domain Whitelist) and SWL (Subject Whitelist)
  • Blacklist Filter consist of ABL (Address Blacklist), DBL (Domain Blacklist) and SBL (Subject Blacklist)
  • If outgoing mail is sent through the appliance, E-Mail addresses are added to the AWL when using the Auto Whitelist Adjustment
  • The entries in the filter lists are case-insensitive
  • Filter Types are descriped in the following document: Filter Types

  • Whitelist addresses can be imported via "Import addresses".
  • The Whitelist Tab needs to be opened for the button to be selectable.
  • Email addresses have to be in a text file (one email address per line).