Services / Remote Support

With the Services menu, the different services can be checked and controlled.

Services can be started, stopped, and restarted.
The service list can be refreshed to see the latest status.
The following services based on E-Mail transport are available:

  • REDDOXX Engine
    The REDDOXX Engine is the collection of email transport services and needed for the webservice
  • SMTP Server
    The SMTP Server receives E-Mails from other E-Mail Servers and saves them to the "SMTP In-Queue".
    The phase 1 filters are checked before the mails are accepted.
  • SMTP Client
    The SMTP Client Service sends emails waiting for forwarding in the queue "SMTP Out-Queue".
  • POP3 Proxy
    The POP3 Proxy Service collects mails from POP3 accounts in intervals.
  • POP3s Proxy
    The POP3s Proxy Service collects mails form POP3 accounts in intervals via a secured connection.
  • Control Server
    The Control Server services the connections of the administrator consoles as well as of the user console and serves to configure and administer the REDDOXX Appliance.
  • Message Validation
    The Message Validation Service checks all emails in the Incoming Queue.
    Here the emails are checked with the phase 2 filters and for viruses.
    Depending on the result of the verification, the emails are then moved to one of the following queues: viruses, spam or CISS.
  • Message Archive
    The Message Archive Service moves mails that are to be archived to the archive spooler.

There are additional services available that can not be stopped for a longer time and will get automatically restarted again (the only exception is the remote support service):

  • Reddoxx Maildepot Archiver
    The Maildepot Archiver Service is used to archive the emails.
  • Reddoxx Maildepot Connector
    The Maildepot Connector Service accepts mail via the connectors and processes them.
  • Reddoxx Remote Support
    The REDDOXX Remote Support Service enables better remote maintenance for the REDDOXX support without you having to change your firewall rules.
    The REDDOXX Remote Support Service is always deactivated and should only be started after consulting a REDDOXX support member.
  • Reddoxx Spam Filter
    The REDDOXX Spam Filter (Fuzzy) checks the incoming E-Mails for spam with the help of patterns.