Backup and Restore

For security reasons, it is recommended to periodically create backups, so that in cases like power failures or other issues, a restore of the appliance can be done.

Backups consist of the appliance specific settings and data, without the underlying operating system.
This results in a fast backup / restore process with small backup files.

The backup jobs are used to create backups on daily,weekly or monthly Basis.
All queues, spooler entries and all the configuration settings of the REDDOXX APpliance will be included in the backup on the selected storage.

The following steps are required to create a backup job:

  1. Select settings and choose one of the available storages as target.
  2. Set "Exclude Log files" and/or "Exclude mail data" as needed.
    If the log files and mail data are included in the backup, the size and the time for the backup process will grow, depending on the content of Queues and Spooler entries.
  3. Provide an alternative Mail Address if desired, to this address the notification for successful backup Jobs will be sent.
    If no address is provided, the appliance adminstrator address will be used.
  4. Save the settings
  5. Select "Add Job" to create a backup job and configure the name, interval and start time.
  6. Confirm the configuration with "Save".

You may create further backup jobs by repeating the steps.
Backup jobs can be edited or deleted at any time.

The Appliance Backup DOES NOT include a backup for the archiv containers on the external Storages.
This should be done with your centralized data backup!
The backup also does not include network configuration (consisting of IP Address, DNS Servers and Static Routes).

Backups can be restored via the "Restore from file" button or from the list of available backups.
The restore from file Feature cannot be used with files larger then 2GB because of browser limitations.

The backup should be restored on an appliance with identical software and hotfix state.

In the Available Backups list, all created and available backups are shown.
Each backup can be downloaded via right click -> download (e.g. to use this backup for a migration process in another appliance).
It is also possible to delete backups via rightclick -> delete or use the selected backup for a restore.