LDAP Connectivity

Diagnose "LDAP Connectivity" examines all LDAP servers configured in the Local Internet Domains on the appliance.

  • Error: Wrong username or password supplied
    Check the bind credentials.

  • Error: Host not found or not reachable
    Check host address, DNS or firewall settings.

  • Error 10:
    \# search result
    search: n
    result: 10 Referral
    text: 0000202B: RefErr: DSID-031006E0, data 0, 1 access points
    ref 1: 'ihr-domain-name'

    ref: ldap://ihr-domain-name/dc=domain,dc=de

    \# numResponses: 1
    Error 10: See error message above.
    Use instead of the AD the Global Catalogue Server (TCP Port 3268).