MS Exchange 2003

MS Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 2 or higher
The installation and activation of MS Exchange Server Envelope journal is required on an MS Exchange Server 2003.
The following steps are required:

  1. First Download the Microsoft Exchange Server envelope journaling module: LINK
  2. Double click on the file and extract the entire contents.
  3. Open a command shell and change to the directory where the extracted files are located.
  4. Activate the envelope journaling by running the command_ exejcfg.exe -e
  5. Verify that the command returns a successful result. (Successfully ENABLED the Email Journaling Advanced Configuration feature)

The following steps are required for configuration:

Create a new user with mailbox

  1. Log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server as a domain administrator.
  2. On the MS Exchange server, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Active Directory Users and Computers.
  3. In the Active Directory Users and Computers console, expand the view in the domain (+) and select Users.
  4. Select New and then User from the context menu.
  5. Enter the user name (e.g. REDDOXX), last name (e.g. MSX-Agent) and the user logon name (e.g. ReddoxxMSXAgent).for the new journaling mailbox.
  6. Continue with next
  7. Enter a password for the previously created user and repeat it in the Confirm password box.
    Make sure that "User must change password at next logon" option is NOT set and the "Password never expires" is set.
  8. Continue with next
  9. Select for the previously created user "Create an Exchange mailbox" and leave the rest of the options as they are.
  10. Click Next and then Finish.

Activation of the journaling mailbox

  1. Click Start, All Programs, Microsoft Exchange and select System Manager.
  2. In Exchange System Manager, expand Servers, MS Exchange Server, the mailbox store group.
  3. Right click on the mailbox store for which you want to enable journaling, and select Properties
  4. click General, and check the option "Archive all messages sent or received by mailboxes on this store".
  5. Click on Browse, then select Recipient.
  6. In the "Select Recipients" window, select the mailbox that you created earlier and click OK.