Archive Spooler

The Archive Spooler shows a list of mails that are to be processed by the appliance.

  • The mail that is processed is shown in blue color.
  • In case of Errors, the Last try and Last error field is getting additional information. The view can be refreshed with F5.
  • The option “Reload spooler files” can be used after a failure of storage, or a not mounted container. The spooler will then process the mails again.
  • The option “Delete” will remove Mails from the spooler. These mails will NOT be archived.
  • The option "Delete" should only be used on corrupted mails with errors like no message loaded or There is not Action with index (1) stored.
  • A Restore of deleted Mails is NOT possible.
  • It is quite useful to enable the Diagnose MailDepot Spooler Queue to watch the number of messages in the queue.
    This can be helpful, if a storage fails an the mails cannot be processed.
    The Storage problem can then be fixed before the appliance internal storage runs full.
  • The content of the archive spooler is not effected by an appliance reboot (content will not be deleted on reboot)