Delete Mails from Queue

The Diagnose "Delete Mails From Queue" can be used to delete mails from the incoming and outgoing queues as well as from the quarantine queues that matches recipient and sender patterns.

This Diagnose has to be used with extreme caution, the delete Action cannot be undone and should only be used if the appliance is flooding spam or is flooded by spam.

Select Sender and Recipient with the Wildcard * and activate Show Top 10, do not enable the delete checkbox.
This helps to identify the top 10 Sender and Recipient adresses used in the queues.
With this result (and the identified Spammers) select the sender and recipient adresses and start the diagnose with activated delete checkbox.
The Sender and Recipient Fields are linked with a Logical AND and need both to fit in order to process the delete command.
After processing the delete action, the delete checkbox stays enabled!
The Clean Process within the live log Shows, that the remaining files on the appliance are deleted as well.

Case 1: A user within the company is sending spam via the appliance
Solution: Check the users mailadress as Sender and the Wildcard * as recipient, the OutQueue and the Delete Action
Notice: There might be already replies to the spam, so there has to be a second Action performed with the Wildcard * as Sender and the users mailadress as Recipient, the InQueue and the Delete Action

Case 2: The appliance recieved spam from an external adress
Solution: Select the mailadress of the spam user as Sender and the Wildcard * as recipient, the InQueue, OutQueue and the Delete Action