• The Compliance Log is shown in the Web Administration and can be moved to an external storage if it is not the compliance log of the current year
  • For each new year a new compliance log with the years name will be automatically created
  • The Compliance Log will store data only when e-mail archiving is enabled and depends on the licensing
  • The compliance log consists of all compliance relevant processes like mailflow, archiving, tasks and audits
  • The appliance needs to have access to the compliance log in order to be able to display the mail history in the user initerface

The following steps are required to move the compliance log to an external storage:

  1. Select the remote storage via Settings
  2. Confirm with Save
  3. Select the Compliance Log that needs to be moved and press the button "Move to remote storage"
  4. Depending on the size of the compliance log and the storage performance, this process may take a while