Via Notifications, you can edit the standard text of the emails sent in the respective situation.

In the notifications messages list, all notfications for each different situation can be edited.
For the ciss challenge Response it is possible to Change the text for each language.
Before sending a ciss challange, the received text is checked for its language to send the challenge in the recognized language.
The different Messages include text between the percent sign (e.g. %subject%) this placeholders are processed automatically by the appliance and should neither be edited nor deleted.
The placeholders are only available to the corresponding message and cannot be used in other Messages, because of the missing context (the placeholder %VIRUSNAME% can only be used in the Virus notification).

To change a notification message, simply double click on the message or select the message and click on the edit button.
To confirm the changes for the notification message, click the "Save" button.