Log Files

The REDDOXX Appliance generates a log file for each day.
These are displayed in the list view Logs in the menu tree.
The log files have the following file name format: Appliance-yyyy-mm-dd_HH:MM.log (yyyy=year, mm=month, dd=day, HH=hour, MM=minute).

If the log exceeds a file size of 50 MB, a new log file is generated.

  • The log files can be downloaded via "Download" to analyze the logfile with external tools.
  • Log files can also be deleted via "Delete".
  • It is recommended to configure a retention time for the log files via "Settings", to prevent the used disc space of the appliance to grow too large.
  • The log files may be saved if configured in the settings before they are deleted (a configured backup share needs to be available).